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Cosmetic Dentist Briarcliff

If you look in the mirror and you’re not satisfied with your smile, we at Briarcliff Smile Design would like to help you. Dental bonding is a process that can achieve the goal of better looking teeth, safely and effectively. And it doesn’t matter if your concern is about the size, color, or shape of your teeth or if they are cracked, chipped, or decaying. But that’s not all. Dental bonding can also make your teeth look longer, correct large gaps between them, and protect the root area of your teeth if you have receding gums. Even if you would like to take care of several or all of those issues, our Briarcliff Manor dental treatments are the ideal way to give you teeth a look that is more satisfying and will give you far greater confidence.

Dental bonding works by using resins that are applied to your teeth and are then hardened with the use of a special light. It’s really a very simple process, but the results are typically outstanding. It costs less than getting dental veneers and in most cases, you won’t even require a local anesthetic while the work is being done (although you can most certainly get one if you’re concerned or anxious about it). Our Briarcliff Manor dental treatments are an excellent way to improve your appearance.

No matter what the color of your teeth is, dental bonding fits the bill. The resins that are used are available in a variety of shades so that they can match your teeth. When the resin is first applied, it is soft and pliable. This allows our restorative dentist to mold it into the proper shape that will suit your needs and meet the goals you had in mind for cosmetic improvement. After the resin is determined to be in its ideal shape, the special light will be used to harden it and create a finished product. There is just no longer any reason to live with teeth that make you feel self-conscious. Not when our Briarcliff Manor dental treatments are available. Call us today to schedule a consultation and take that all-important first step to better looking teeth.

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