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Are you concerned about the level of care your mouth requires to become restored against disease and damage? Tooth decay and trauma to our smiles can happen to many of us, regardless of how well we care for our teeth through regular oral hygiene routines. Fortunately, whether you simple need treatment for cavities for the very first time, or are simply looking to replace out of date metal fillings, you can find the perfect procedure that will work to restore heavy levels of decay and damage, all while receiving a more beautiful smile. For mild to severe tooth decay and damage, be sure to book a visit with the experts at your local Briarcliff Manor general dentist at the state of the art practice of Briarcliff Smile Design and ask how inlays and onlays can work for you.

Briarcliff Manor Cosmetic Dentistry

Briarcliff Manor Cosmetic Dentistry

For mild degrees of tooth decay and small amounts of damage such fine chips and cracks, dental inlays can be the perfect treatment for smile restoration. This form of treatment targets cavities and trauma which has occurred only within the cusp of your teeth, which most patients known simply as the top of the tooth. For any small ship or a very minor crack which has not extended past this cusp region, dental inlays can work to heal these damages to stop them from growing as well prevent an infection from ever forming. Your trusted Briarcliff Manor general dentist works to heal these problems by applying dental porcelain which is shaped and hardened to perfectly match the shade and beauty of your smile.

For great levels of dental decay and damage, onlays can be the perfect solution to a healthier and more attractive smile. A dental onlay becomes necessary anytime a cavity, crack, or chip extends beyond the cusp of the tooth. This form of dental procedure is often utilized when the damage is too great for a simple inlay to handle, but not severe enough to require a complete dental cap or crown. Porcelain onlays from your professional Briarcliff Manor general dentist can also be used to replace traditional metal fillings. In the past metal fillings were a necessity, but today’s porcelain onlays are strong enough to withstand bite forces anywhere in your mouth for a metal-free filling that is safer and more beautiful.

For the best in dental inlays and onlays, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood Briarcliff Manor general dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the offices of Briarcliff Smile Design proudly serve your local community with the latest in dental technology, including the E4D for complete in-office restorations for your convenience. With porcelain inlays and onlays from Briarcliffe Smile Design, your smile can become a picture of perfect health.

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