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Common causes of tooth stains in Ossining

Dentist office Ossining

Dentist office Ossining

If you want to have a more beautiful smile, but do not want to need dental surgery or an extensive dental procedure, then you may want to have your teeth whitened at Briarcliff Smile Design. At our dentist office Ossining, our expert dentist, Dr. Armando Battista can provide you with teeth whitening, and talk to you about which foods you should avoid that commonly cause tooth stains.

At our dentist office Ossining, you may learn that many of the foods that you eat and love on a regular basis are the main culprits of your tooth staining. If you want to keep your teeth looking as white as possible, you should limit your intake of some of the foods that are mentioned here. If you enjoy drinking coffee and tea, and cannot imagine your day without them, you should still try to cut back on these two beverages as they greatly contribute to tooth staining. However, if you can make a choice between coffee or tea, you will do better if you drink more coffee than tea, since tea is a larger contributor to tooth stains. You will also want to avoid drinking cola sodas. Additionally, wines should also be avoided, as they contribute to tooth staining too. Brightly-colored sports drinks and candies should also be avoided; the colorants in these items will end up staining your teeth. Berries are a great source of food nutrients, and they are delicious, as well. Unfortunately, berries can also easily stain your teeth, and should be eaten in small quantities, if not totally avoided. Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries all are great contributors to tooth staining. Of course, one of the most important things you can do for maintaining the beauty of your teeth, and your good health, as well, is to stop smoking cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes is a leading cause of tooth discoloration, which should be avoided if you want to have whiter and brighter teeth.

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