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Same day dentist in Ossining

Same day dentist in Ossining

Are you looking for a dentist who is able to provide effective dental treatment options for you in just one day? Sometimes, this treatment option can be difficult to find. Just think of the time that you will save being able to get a dental crown or onlay in one visit. You will no longer need to schedule a follow up visit for the procedure. And you will not need to worry about the temporary crown becoming loose at an inopportune moment. When you are looking for a same day dentist in Ossining you won’t need to look any further than our practice — you will be able to find a great same day dentist at our practice, Briarcliff Smile Design.

At Briarcliff Smile Design our expert, highly-trained, and same day dentist in Ossining is Dr. Armando Battista. He has been practicing general dentistry, with an emphasis on aesthetics, for over 22 years. Dr. Battista has received advanced training in cosmetic dentistry, and in the areas of dental implant teeth restoration. We also offer pain-free root canal therapy. We offer E4D complete in-office restorations from start to finish, which makes dental procedures quicker, more efficient and more thorough.

We are happy to be able to offer Same-Day Dentistry for our patients. It is a cleaner and healthier treatment option for our patients who do not want to have to undergo the inconvenience of traditional dentistry. Traditional dentistry for dental restorations calls for the use of messy impressions to craft crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers. As a patient, you will need to be fitted for a temporary crown while your restoration is created at the lab; this can take up to several weeks. And if the restoration needs to be refitted, this can mean additional weeks with a temporary crown. With Same-Day Dentistry an intra-oral camera is used to take 3D images of the teeth. It is very accurate. Then our special milling machine actually manufactures the crown, inlay, onlay, or veneer in our office. This occurs is a short period of time. Some of our patients enjoy seeing the restorative item actually being made in our office! Then, our same day dentist in Ossining will permanently attach the crown or other restorative item in your mouth. There is no need to return for any further treatment. If you would like to learn about Same-Day Dentistry to fill your dental needs, contact us today. We know you will be thrilled with the dental results, as well as the way it works with your busy lifestyle.

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